About Yendis

Hard Drive Show on ReggaeSpace Online Radio Digital DJ since 2000, I am a Founder, Webmaster and Co-Manager at ReggaeSpace Online Radio with Queen Easy (Germany).  My weekly radio shows are interactive and feature selections sent by listeners in the “3 from 1? segment on Wednesdays at 10pm GMT. In my show on Tuesdays, I feature new music and aim to inform and entertain listeners by talking with artists and producers live on air.

Save the Vinyl go Digital

Literally.  Save the vinyl.  There will only be one winner in the contest between a soft, black plastic and a hard, sharp object.  The records always come of worst when a needle is repeatedly dragged across their surface.  Playing music online is different to playing in a live venue or the comfort of your home.  Online, the digital chain from the listener’s ear through their home sound system, computer, internet connection, radio station source, another internet connection to the DJ’s computer results in a limit to the quality of the sound heard.  Whether the DJ is using high quality ripped wav or mp3 files, 8″ reel-to-reel tapes or vinyl makes no difference.

Save the vinyl for settings where it matters.  In your home or in the dance.  There you can get the full benefit of a unique, crisp, deep and round sound.  You can get real pleasure from the feel of the records, the manual manipulation of it onto a turntable and hear that special kiss as it meets the needle.  At all other times, save the vinyl by storing in temperature controlled environments and handling only with cotton gloves.  These items are precious and will be of great value in the future.  Unless they get scratched.