Hi! I’m Sid and I’m available for acting (and as an extra). I am looking for interesting acting and extra work to gain experience and develop my career.

Sid Edwards

Telford / Birmingham / London, UK
Caribbean British
49 – 69 age
6′ 2″ (1.87m)
15st 12lb (100.7kg)
Greying with black dreadlocks
Dark brown eyes
Athletic build

I am Jamaican by descent, I have classic African Caribbean features, a casual authoritative appearance and a calm aura. I can drive and play a range of sports. I am in great physical shape and have a slim frame. I look good in suits, sportswear, jeans and trousers. I have an easy going friendly disposition and get on well with people.

I have a Degree in Leadership and Executive Coaching and excellent communication skills.

I get looks from passers-by that say, “Is this person famous?”

Acting experience

Lost‘ (2023), self produced

3 6 5‘ (2024), Aresa Foster

Geezers‘ (2024), Ciaron Davies / Loose Gripp Films

Astral Gate‘ (2024), Finley Greenaway

‘Oh!’ (2024), Matthew Geddis

A Dishonest Days Work‘ (2024), Matthew Connor

The Prediction‘ (2024), Liam Stine

GLU Theatre group, The Old Rep Theatre

Additional Skills

Accents and dialects: Jamaican Patois, British London, British well spoken
Sport: Basketball (currently), football, cricket, badminton
Hobbies: Writing for screen / stage, Radio presenting / DJ

UK Drivers licence / Valid Passport
Experienced Trainer / Facilitator
Graphic Designer / Web Developer
Expertise in WordPress

Voice Reel

Voice Reel

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