• The “Theft of a Heritage” explored in new video

    The “Theft of a Heritage” explored in new video

    A Midlands based group have created a powerful and moving video that is based on a poem written by Yendis.

  • Poem: We Know This

    Poem: We Know This

    When those we elect, elect to select and reject to protect a select few.

  • This is the thanks

    This is the thanks

    “I’m fuming!” said The Gower. “I can’t believe this is what it’s coming to.” “I know.” said The Old Apple Tree, just as three more of her fruit fell to the ground on the Gower side of the fence. They joined a hundred others that together gave off a sweet rotting aroma. She was sad.…

  • Poem: What took you so long?

    Poem: What took you so long?

    It’s not like we never told you all along. On the page, on the street even in song. At your hands our cousins have passed and gone. The list of their names is long and goes on. OK, now you see that something was wrong And finally come to the realisation That #BlackLivesMatter. What took…

  • Challenge Overcome

    Challenge Overcome

    Like a hunter, triumphant in possession of a tusk with a bloody end, the dentist stood clutching my freshly extracted premolar. Breathing deeply beneath his mask and just as a jeweller delights in the light that glints off the facets of a fine gem, he presented the specimen for his assistant and I to admire.…

  • Merry Christmas and Thank you very much

    Merry Christmas and Thank you very much

    You know that moment of panic when you reach to your back pocket as the cashier brightly announces, “£13 and 42p”, and the pocket is empty. “Cash or card?” “Shit! Neither. I’ve left my wallet.” After agreeing to leave my trolley to one side, I’m walking to the exit and before I can start cursing…

  • Poem: Lost

    Poem: Lost

    What could be more important to you than your name? Your last name, surname or family name especially. Passed down through generations carrying your family’s heritage and ‘connecting’ you to your ancestors. What if that connection gets cut? ln many ways, your identity is rooted in your name. Others know you by your name, those…

  • Poem: Actually Speak

    Poem: Actually Speak

    I see her on my travels,almost each and every day.And every day my heart goes, thump!In exactly the same way. They’ll argue about love at first sight,Who knows who’s wrong who’s right.Well I’ve now experienced love at first sightAnd second and every sight. She’s five foot nothing with lovely green eyes,Beautiful and smart.A cute little…