Sara Lugo about to hit us with Music

Sara Lugo about to hit us with Music

Sara Lugo - Hit me with MusicSince the release of her last LP in 2011, Sara has attracted attention. The outcomes have been in the form of a series of singles and notable collaborations with Kabaka Pyramid, Zuri an artist from Spain and Deliman from Austria. It has opened doors to allow her to be welcomed in America, Costa Rica, Mexico and Poland. A sure sign that she is doing something right and provides inspiration for her to create more great music.

When I last spoke with her, it was approaching the end of the period set to raise money to fund her next project ‘Hit me with Music’.  With only 12 days left, the crowd funding initiative had yet to reach halfway towards the goal. At that time she was putting the finishing touches to the 12 track release and promised a variety of genres including reggae, soul, hip-hop, jazz some pop.  Together the tracks on the project will speak of love.

Sara Lugo – Hit me with Music (Snippets)

In answer to the question: “Why use the crowd funding method to fund the making of her album? Sara stated quite simply, “Because people don’t buy that much music anymore.” While artists like herself put in endless hours working to produce a high quality product, spend large amounts of money to produce units, the music fan appreciates the effort but finds free downloads on the internet. By doing it this way, instead of the artists, musicians, engineers and producers ending up out of pocket, the contributions of the people can ensure the project breaks even.

The crowd has successfully raised the necessary funds and Friday, October 17th will be the release date. It is eagerly awaited and judging by the track list, promises to be one of the musical highlights of 2014.

Track Listing

  1. The One
  2. Really Like You ft Protoje
  3. Hit Me With Music
  4. Black & White
  5. Soldiers of Love
  6. I Wish
  7. Play With Fire
  8. Learn To Grow ft Ras Muhamad
  9. Never Ever
  10. Love The Children
  11. More Love
  12. High & Windy ft Kabaka Pyramid

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