Sheldon Senior’s ‘WE CAN’ Mixtape

Sheldon Senior’s ‘WE CAN’ Mixtape

9/11 marks the official release of Sheldon Senior’s first Mixtape, aptly named “We Can”. This release nicely coincides with the bombing of the New York Twin Towers which saw hundreds die through a perceived hate, of which only ‘Love is the answer’, exclaims this Mixtape.
It is sure to instill a great sense of peace, unity and love to its listeners and satisfy all Roots Reggae musical needs. It is punctuated with inspirational clips from civil right leaders Marcus Garvey, Nelson Mandela and musical revolutionary Bob Marley. Senior also uses his own speech to affirm his beliefs and conviction in the power of love over all negatives to keep his audience transfixed in his rootsical journey. It is skillfully mixed by DJ Trilla (from the Castle Rock Sound System) who added the finishing touches to a instant favorite which marks a milestone in the artist’s emerging career.
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