Student film

  • Student Film “Dishonest Days Work”

    Student Film “Dishonest Days Work”

    A short film about the government’s failure to help those in need is now more important than ever in today’s current political climate. Today people need help from their communities more than ever in order to survive. A Dishonest Days Work is a slapstick comedy short film about a Erin, a 19-year-old girl, strives to alleviate…

  • Student Film “Astral Gate”

    Student Film “Astral Gate”

    A sci-fi short film where we follow two brothers. After falsely accusing his brother of stealing, Max follows his brother back to their hometown to make amends, where he is taken against his will by a supernatural cult. In ‘Astral Gate’, I play the cult leader. It is a film exploring how vulnerable people can…