Poem: Actually Speak

I see her on my travels,
almost each and every day.
And every day my heart goes, thump!
In exactly the same way.

They’ll argue about love at first sight,
Who knows who’s wrong who’s right.
Well I’ve now experienced love at first sight
And second and every sight.

She’s five foot nothing with lovely green eyes,
Beautiful and smart.
A cute little spot on her cute little cheek,
She is a work of art.

Infatuation you might say.
I don’t care what you call it.
Say what you like,
Because there ain’t no way your going to spoil it.

‘Cos certain things, like the way she stands,
They leave me with no choice,
And the way that she articulates
With a soft but confident voice.

The way she looks up in your eyes
With her pretty smiling face.
The way she carries herself
With radiance and grace.

See all these things, to me,
Make her one off or just unique.
And eagerly I wait the day
We actually speak.







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