The Prediction a poem by Mark Strand

The Prediction a poem by Mark Strand

The Prediction by Mark Strand, Performed by Sid Edwards, Soundscape by Liam Stine
“The Prediction by Mark Strand is a poem by Mark Strand, an American poet known for his surreal and introspective works. The poem was first published in his collection titled “Dark Harbor” in 1993.

In “The Prediction,” Strand explores themes of mortality, time, and the uncertainty of the future. The poem’s speaker reflects on the inevitability of death and the unpredictability of life. The title suggests a sense of foreboding or prophecy, perhaps indicating that the speaker has a premonition or a deep intuition about what is to come.

Throughout the poem, Strand’s language is both stark and evocative, creating a mood of existential contemplation. He uses imagery and metaphor to convey the idea that life is fleeting and that despite our attempts to control or predict our destinies, we are ultimately subject to the whims of fate.

“The Prediction” invites readers to confront their own mortality and consider the transient nature of existence. It is a haunting and thought-provoking piece that resonates with readers for its poignant exploration of the human condition.

The Prediction

That night the moon drifted over the pond,
turning the water to milk, and under
the boughs of the trees, the blue trees,
a young woman walked, and for an instant

the future came to her:
rain falling on her husband’s grave, rain falling
on the lawns of her children, her own mouth
filling with cold air, strangers moving into her house,

a man in her room writing a poem, the moon drifting into it,
a woman strolling under its trees, thinking of death,
thinking of him thinking of her, and the wind rising
and taking the moon and leaving the paper dark.

Mark Strand





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