Nothing ever happened before the time


The highs and lows, the mistakes made and lessons learned.

The sweet successes and disappointing failures,

Have all helped me arrive where I am today.

Equipping me with skills and empowering me through experience

To make my next step forward.




A Long Windy Road

From my upbringing in East London, where our home was a vibrant slice of Jamaica, to navigating the challenges of 1970s Britain as a second-generation immigrant, I’ve always straddled two cultures with ease. Engineering became my professional path, but my evenings were spent on the basketball court, engaging in youth work, and immersing myself in the local music scene.

Relocating to Telford opened my eyes to the stark realities of community development, where stereotypes often overshadowed real experiences. Embracing the emergence of the World Wide Web, I seamlessly integrated my passion for music into early online platforms, expanding my expertise in reggae while honing presentation skills.

A pivotal moment came when my curiosity about hidden histories led me to delve into the untold narratives of Britain’s past. This propelled me into advocacy work, addressing inequalities and advocating for equitable services. Despite facing backlash, I remained steadfast, crisscrossing the nation with my ‘Celebrating Diversity’ training package.

Today, my journey takes a creative turn, intersecting with Dr. Hayat’s world of music and visual arts in Birmingham. Our collaboration, sparked by a poignant incident earlier this year, culminated in the release of a short film, fueled by my decades-long passion for storytelling and unity.

This journey began with a poem published in 1989, resurfacing during a Unity Weekender event in Kings Heath. Fueled by a desire to combat racism, I stepped onto the stage, reciting my words for the first time in public. The energy of that moment solidified my sense of belonging and purpose, igniting a creative partnership that promises to inspire and uplift.

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